The whole project is an A5 booklet printed on double sided A4 sheets, as a folded booklet layout.

What ever options you use, you should end up with is a folded booklet, that can be stapled along it's spine.

The booklet is presented in Acrobat Reader 6.0's Pdf format print ready, as double sided sheets (two A5 booklet pages per each side of A4).   All large files have been compressed to save download times, using WinZip. If your computer does not know what to do with these files once you have down loaded and tried to open them go to and download the FREE Acrobat Reader programme. 


In these Pdfs, mostly the booklet will not read properly on screen (the page order would seemed jumbled), and must be printed double sided, and folded first.

If you are printing it yourself on a computer printer, when double siding, remember to keep the heads of the pages at the same place, so that they can tumble sideways and be readable right way up. Otherwise burn the file(s) to CDROM and take to a photo copy shop, or print bureau - get a definite quote on the finished price first though!