The Pilgrim Church in a woodcut style graphic by Michael To'o

We are releasing the first beta pdf of the Pilgrim Church

In time sequence, thank you to Michael To'o, Nick Silich, and Rose Mawhorter (who has done a tremendous lot of work on the text scans!) —Paul.

Keep an eye on this page as it is deveoped, and updates to the pdf are uploaded here.

TODO: cover, images, maps, and other resources, and ISBN

This version is A5 (screen readible). We hope to shortly publish it freely in A4 magazine format as well.

This is the main origin text's copyright notice:

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Right Click to Save (download) to your device (or click to read online): Pilgrim Church Ver-0200 beta pdf

This upload 2012 May 8th updated to version 0200 beta, includes Original Index (Pages Renumbered), ver 0150 Page titles, revised fonts, and improved layout for 'Some books used' section.

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