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“Success Jesus Way”

"These are days when more and more men, women and children, are searching for true identity and the meaning of life, and I believe that God has laid it upon my heart to write about:

The following two links are for the Success Jesus Way A5 booklet published from Auckland New Zealand in April 2004.

To read this booklet in web format (MS IE6) on screen, please view here: Jesus' Way

There are two different downloads and you will probably only need one of them.

The first one is for a version of the file that will work on most home computers and attached printers. It prints as an A4 sheet. You would need to double side the print run (explained below).

The second download is in a format that some photocopy shops prefer. This is A5 "one behind the other", this is not in a booklet format, but can turned into an A5  booklet by many commercial grade photo/copy centre machines. Commercial photocopy shops can also use the double sided A4 version mentioned above. If you are going to have a run of these booklets done in  a photocopy shop, print this page out and show it to them, asking them  which of the files that    they would like you to give to  them. Or download both and take both of them on disk into a Photocopy Shop and let them choose. Get a quote before telling them to do the job!

Both files are in the Acrobat Reader format (.PDF). If your computer does not know what to do with these files once you have downloaded them, got to and download the FREE Acrobat Reader programme. 


  1. A4 Double Sided - home computer print outs, and many Photocopy Shops
  2. A5 Single Sided "one after the other" - some Photocopy Shops

Notes for Printing Double Sided A4 Sheets Manually, on a "non-Duplexing" Printer

If you want to print out from a computer, then follow these steps (if you do not know that your printer can handle "Duplex" double sided printing automatically— duplexing printer can automatically double side your paper for you).

Print these instructions out if they will help you.

  1. Take all the paper out of your printer leaving only one sheet.
  2. Tell Acrobat Reader to print the booklet.
  3. When the first page has printed and dried, manually put it back into the printer to print the next page (second side).

    When putting the pages back through for the printing of the other side, make sure that the "heads" — tops of the pages will be the same for both sides. So that if you tumble the page sideways when printed, it will read upright, and one side of the page will NOT be upside down.

    You may need to experiment to find out how your printer wants the paper put back in for the second side to be printed. If you have a printer manual look it up, it is sometimes installed onto your computer if it didn't come in the box.

  4. When ready to print each side, you may need to get your printer to 'Resume', as each time it runs out of paper it will anticipate that an error has happened.
  5. As each piece of A4 paper is printed both sides, place them down on a clean surface on top of each other in a pile. Put them down the same way up as the second side came out of the printer.
  6. Repeat the process with a new sheet of paper and keep doing it until the print job is done.
  7. After placing the last sheet on the pile, you should be looking at the middle of the booklet. Fold this in half sideways to make an A5 (148mm wide by 210mm tall) booklet. Then put staples through the middle fold.

If you are not sure, then consider burning the file to a Cdrom and taking it to a photocopy shop — but get a quote on the job price first!

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